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Log Home and Deck Restoration - Important Cleaning Facts That WILL Change the Outcome of Your Stain

Never ever blend water into Sodium Hydroxide. Rather, constantly blend the chemical into the water gradually and thoroughly. Mixing water to the chemical initially triggers a response that produces a massive quantity of heat and fumes. Security safety glasses and gloves are necessary for addition to other protective clothes. Likewise, this chemical will eliminate yard and plants in addition to stain glass, siding and other surface areas. If you are not exactly sure about ways to use this item, it is highly suggested to find an expert who does. This is absolutely nothing to have fun with.


If there is no sealant on the deck or if just traces stay, a moderate option of Sodium Hydroxide and an excellent surfactant can be used and enabled to stay for an established length of time. This enables the mix to soften up the surface area impurities and deteriorated wood. A scratch test can be performed to figure out how quickly the deck will tidy up. If it is difficult to eliminate, either more mix will need to be used and/or more dwell time enabled. If it is figured out to be at a point that it can be eliminated, then a pressure washer will be used to eliminate an extremely thin layer of the abject wood and any stain or other pollutants such as mildew, grill grease, flower pot spots, and so on.


Care should be taken when using a pressure washer. If somebody is not acquainted with using a pressure washer, permanent damage to the wood can take place triggering expensive replacement of decking boards or hand rails. Really, less than 1000 psi/ of pressure is required. Water pressure is not as crucial as water volume. The more water, the more cleaning, and washing power. At the minimum, 4gpm is had to appropriately get rid of the undesirable product. This dismisses most property owner type pressure washers which generally rank less than 3gpm (gallons per minute.).

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